Thank you for taking time to visit the cyber home of The Power Minute™.The Power Minute™ was created by Anderson Communications, one of the nation’s oldest Black-owned marketing services company. Anderson Communications also produces Focus On Women (www.focusonwomen.net), Inspirations Across America (www.inspirationsacrossamerica.net) and Black Health NOW! (www.blackhealthnow.com). Our mission for all of our activities in radio is to be The Positive voice in Black radio and all of our programs remain true to this mission.We developed The Power Minute™ radio program more than 15 years ago as an attempt to provide listeners to radio stations with some positive and encouraging words to help counteract all of the negativity that people face in the world on a daily basis.

Since we started this program the world has become increasingly complex and we are all faced with many threats both from outside of our country as well as at our jobs, in our schools, our churches and in our homes. In order for all of us to survive and thrive -knowledge, information and daily power are necessary.   We continue to provide our listeners and now our visitors with a life applicable and sometimes positive life changing word.

In the future you will be able to not only hear Power Minute™ programs that you may have missed on your favorite radio stations but also be able to receive a regular newsletter. We will also provide other valuable information as well as links so that you can have access to a lot of valuable information that can help you live a happier and more productive life.

 Succeeding our original program host Les Brown, we have been pleased to have Best-selling author and speaker Ed Gray, as our host.  For more than fifteen years Ed has been the exclusive writer and host of the Power Minute™.  Ed works hard to bring you a fresh program every day Monday through Friday so that listening to The Power Minute™ or visiting its website will be a valuable investment of your time. We will also be announcing other activities including information on Ed’s speaking engagements as well as many other activities that we will be doing. We want your feedback on what we are doing with the radio program as well as with our website, so please feel free to communicate with us via the contact us section of this site.



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